Short Term Endowment Life Insurance

  • Tax Deductible
  • Maturity Benefit
  • Death
  • Total Permanent Disability
  • Surrender value (if a policy holder decides to exit the policy before maturity)
  • Paid-up policy (the policy holder decides not making payment anymore but will get the Paid- Up Value [less than paid premium] back when the policy is mature)

The policy duration can be 5 years/7 years/10 years.

Yes, medical check-up is required based on the age of the applicant and sum insured amount.

The exclusion lists are as below:

  • Intentional self-harm
  • Suicide attempt – within 1st year of the policy
  • Abuse of narcotic drugs
  • Take Illegal medicine/ tablets
  • Death or Total Permanent Disability due to an involvement in a commit crime and
  • Undisclosed pre-existing illness or disease within 1st year of the policy

*For above cases, policyholder will receive back only the total premium paid