Group Life Insurance

You won’t have to worry if any accident happens to your employees either at work or off duty. Coverage is 24/7 available.

The premium needs to pay for only 1 time per year.

e.g. the coverage of 1 employee is 5 Million then you have to pay 50,000 ks (1% of the coverage).

i.     Accidental death benefit

ii.    Total Permanent Disability (due to accident)

iii.   Accidental injury benefit (both minor & critical injuries)

i.     Claim request form

ii.    Case Summary letter from the employer

iii.   A copy of the death certificate, if a fatality has occurred.

iv.   Medical record of injury, including a close – up photo.

v.    NRC copy of the injured person and

vi.   Bank account for claim money to be transferred