Group Life Accident and Health Insurance

Yes, customer can claim as long as his claims are eligible conditions covered under policy contract and his policy includes OPD plan.

Yes, customer still can claim under other medical expenses even if he does not get hospitalized.

Yes, both work related and normal accidents 24/7 across the country.

Yes, this product includes post-hospitalization treatment subject to days limit per policy contract (must be same condition from hospitalization).

OPD Benefit can claim up to 30 times per year. Medical purchases from OPD visits will be paid under OPD benefit up to maximum limit of each OPD plan per visit.

Example- Maximum benefit per OPD visit for diamond plan – 30,000 MMK with up to 900,000 MMK for total 30 OPD visits.

If the employee resigned within the policy term, premium amount will not be refunded.

3 new employees can be substituted in the place of resigned employee.