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Our Products

Smart Saving 5/2 Life Insurance

Smart saving 5/2 life insurance aims to provide financial security and better saving habits for Myanmar citizens and foreign expatriates.

What you get!

• Financial security
• Good savings habit
• Tax savings plan
• Annual Coupon

Key Features

• Policy Term: 5 years
• Premium Term: 2 years (from policy commencement date)
• Get started with 3,000,000 Kyats or up to $ 15,000 (USD) equivalent to Myanmar currency
Eg: $1 USD = 1,450 Kyats (Exchange rate can fluctuate daily)
$15,000 USD = 21,750,000 Kyats
• Insurable Age: 5 – 65 years old
The applicant between 5 to 18 years old will require guardianship.
• Non-medical requirement


• Survival
• Maturity
• Death & Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
(If the policyholder/ insured dies due to an accident during policy term, the beneficiary would receive up to 300% of sum assured which will be adjusted with paid premium)
•Annual Coupon ( Cash Back- 5% to 10% of Initial Sum Assured)


If the insured dies due to the following occurrences the beneficiary cannot receive the policy benefit. CB Life will return all premiums paid to the beneficiary.
– Commit suicide within one year from policy commencement date
– Intentional self-harm
– Use of narcotic drugs
– Political unrest, civil war & upheaval

More Information

For enquiry, viewer can fill up the form by clicking on more information tab and it will be submitted to CB Life Insurance contact center. CB Life Insurance will follow existing platform under Contact Us tab. Subsequently, it will be diverted to related party to contact.