Our Products

Our Products

Hospital and Surgery Rider (H&S)

Hospital & Surgery Rider aims to provide the financial protection and premier healthcare to the customers with comprehensive benefits together with saving.

What you get

  • Premium healthcare coverage for medical expenses (IPD & optional OPD Benefit)
  • Comprehensive coverage including life insurance needs through reasonable premium rate

Key Features

Product Type 

  • Rider (Must have base insurance plan)

Policy Term 

  • 1 Year (Renewable)
  • Minimum coverage 2,500,000 Kyats or up to 50,000,000 Kyats

Plan Type     

  • Plan-1 to Plan-8

Medical Checkup 

  • Required

Insurable Age

  • 30 days – 69 Years Old (as per Base Plan Age Limit)


  • Daily Hospital Room & Board (up to 90 Days per admission)
  • Other Medical Expenses (In-Patient Hospitalization)
  • Laboratory Diagnosis Fees
  • Diagnosis fees for Pre & Post-Hospitalization (subject to days limit)
  • Operation room fees
  • Surgical fees
  • Anesthesiologist fees
  • In-hospital Medical Officer’s visit
  • Emergency out-patient treatment
  • Outpatient medical expenses per illness / per injury


  • Pre-existing illness or disease or conditions
  • Chronic disease, congenital or genetic disorder
  • Wars, any event which leads to riots or criminal activity
  • Any optical treatments
  • Drugs and alcohol rehabilitation
  • Mental health or Psychiatry disorder
  • Any Dental treatment (except accident)
  • Beauty treatment, cosmetic surgery, or skin care
  • Any pregnancy related conditions
  • AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Treatment given by doctor who is family mention of insured
  • Suicide, Self-Harm, Murder, Committing a felony or being arrested
  • Being a passenger or working on unregistered planes
  • Vaccination, General health check or nursery which are not medical necessity

More Information

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