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Health Insurance

Health insurance intends to compensate individuals or employees for their health care expenditures to a certain amount.

What You Get

• Coverage for life insurance and medical expenses

Key Features

• Policy Term: 1 year
• Any Clinic or Hospital recognized by Government
• Insurable Age: 6 – 75 years old


Basic Cover
• Hospitalization due to diseases/accident (10,000 Kyats – 100,000 Kyats)
• Death due to diseases/accident (1,000,000 Kyats – 10,000,000 Kyats)
Optional cover (1)
• Major Surgery (Requiring General Anesthesia)
• Miscarriage
Optional cover (2)
• OPD (Out Patient Department)


• Undergoing medical treatment or prescribed by a doctor to undergo medical treatment or having existing symptoms prior to the inception of the policy
• Hospitalization due to a miscarriage is covered but child birth, abortion and pregnancy related diseases are excluded
(Miscarriage benefits is eligible for insured buying optional cover (1).)
• Hospitalization due to psychiatric/mental health diseases
• Hospitalization for medical checkup and for relaxation
• IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment.
• Dental treatment except due to an accident
• Optical issues such as eye testing, loss of sight, eye operations except due to accident
• Cosmetic surgery
• Provision for hearing aids
• Physical defect or infirmity
• Related conditions or death due to the use of narcotic drugs
• Injury or death due to an involvement in a criminal case
• Treatment for AIDS/HIV or subsequent death
• An injury or death due to an involvement in violence, destruction, riots or war
• Illness hospitalization costs are not covered for less than 3 days
(Accident hospitalization costs require a minimum of 24 hour admission.)
• Fraudulent claims
• Suicide or injuries due to self-harmed

More Information

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